Stray Not Beyond

The strange, haunted novel


Michael B. Pinkey

Interview with the author

About the author

When Irving Carlisle left his Pennsylvania home and headed south towards Otterwood, North Carolina, all he wanted was more "Suttlespyce (Number 17)" -- the richest, rarest, most wonderful and elusive pipe tobacco in the world. It was going to be a long, strange, horrible time before he ever got back...


Humor! Horror! Mystery! Suspense!


"It is really a fine work, funny, scary,
reflective and absurd.
A real rollercoaster ride, with many deep undertones."
---B. P. Elliott, San Diego, California

"A travelogue through a nightmare....a very
WELL-WRITTEN travelogue."

--Devon Kappa

"Stray Not Beyond is a work
of considerable imagination...."

--Dr. Al Past

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